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With the scrapbook met in 2007. Completely bewitched me. There is no other hobbies, just paper and keeping the memories! Enchant, turn off the outside world. My favorite parts of the flowers, flowers, flowers :) papers, paints, mediums, beads. My favorite color is gold, pink, purple, teal, blue, turquoise, brown, but create all colors. The Mixed Media technique in my soul a new world woke up :)

From 2016, I join Design Teams to learn and develop. Where you can meet my work:

6.  From July 2018            Craft O'Clock   (Poland)

5. From January 2018     Fabrika Decoru (Ukraine)

4. 2018. Február - 2018. December     Snip Art - Pracownia Artystyczna  (Poland)

3.  2017. Március - 2018. Március    Scrap-Unlimited  (Netherlands)


2.  2017. Február - 2018. Február    MISTRESS OWL (Russia)

1.  2016. Szeptember - 2017. December    Sugallatok (Hungary)

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Scrap by Eszter. 2017
Design with ♥ Alesanalovesky


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